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Blair Equine FeedsPacetter Horse Feed Now has added Flax and Yeast Cultures
Blair Milling´s Pacetter Horse Feeds are the best equine nutrition that your horse will ever need. For years, the Pacetter brand has kept horses in peak condition. Blair Milling is continually improving the Pacetter line, and through science, the product has evolved into the premier horse feed that it is today. Blair Milling is very excited to
announce two new improvements to Pacetter Horse feeds.
Our complete line of Pacetter Horse Feeds will now contain Flax Meal. Flax Meal is a very soluble fiber, containing mucilage and the essential fatty acids Omega 6 and Omega 3. These two essential fatty acids can increase immunity and produce shiny, healthy coats. Research has shown adding flax to equine diets can provide anti-oxidative, antiviral, anti-bacterial and anti tumor properties.
In addition, Blair Milling has also added yeast cultures that stimulates growth and enhancement of beneficial bacteria. It also stabilizes the hindgut naturally.
A key to healthy horses is feeding a balanced diet, whether they are brood mares, foals, or equine athletes. Pacetter Horse feeds with Yeast Cultures and added Flax promotes the best possible digestion and utilization of nutrients in your horses diet.

Blair Equine Feeds


For Foals, Weanlings, Working Yearlings, Pregnant & Lactating Mares  This premium pelleted feed contains all of the nutrients needed for your horses maximum performance.  No need to add expensive supplements.

Pacetter Pellet is Specifically Designed to:

  • Ensure digestibility Provide optimal nutrition Support maximum performance Accommodate high nutrient requirements
  • Fortified with premium ingredients to ensure digestibility, optimal skeletal development, excellent skin, mane, coat and hoof condition.
  • 15% Protein Essential trace minerals Vitamins A, D, E, Biotin (B7) Flax Seed
  • The available amino acids and proper balance of nutrients, vitamins & minerals ensures optimum:

- Development and growth of foals and yearlings

- Fetal development and growth of foal when fed to mare.

How To Feed

Foals: Allow free access to Pacetter Pellets

Weanlings, Yearlings and Mares: Feed 1-2% of body weight depending on activity level and body condition. Supplement pasture or 1 to 2% of body weight in quality hay.


For Older Horses

Specifically formulated to compensate for the slower metabolic activity and decreased digestibility of older horses.  This complete feed supplies:

  • Highly digestible protein & high fiber content to accommodate decreased passage rate and low digestive function in older horses.
  • Balanced mineral, trace mineral & vitamin fortification with flax seed together maintain and ensure Skeletal structure, skin. hair coat & hoof condition. 14 % Protein , 18% Fiber

How To Feed

1-3% of body weight depending on activity level and body condition.

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