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Blair Certified Brand Feeds


Blair Certified Brand Feeds has a line of cattle feeds for all types of cattle producers. From complete feeds for starters, growers, creeping and weaning to cattle supplements that you mix with your homegrown grains, forages and co-products. All Blair products are nutritionally balanced to maximize weight gain and medications can be added for feed efficiency and optimum health. Blair can analyze your on farm feed products and design the best possible program to maximize gains and keeping cost low.

We Offer:

Complete Cattle Feeds


  • A special, medicated pelleted feed to be fed to starter cattle. (400-700 lbs.) to aid in the prevention of coccidiosis
  • Low level coccidiosis affects about 75% of incoming cattle. Low level coccidiosis infection interferes with feed consumption, feed conversion and weight gain. High potency receiving ration will get rid of the coccidiosis and increase your profits by improving weight gains and conversions
  • Along with the decoquinate, high potency receiving ration contains added potassium, rumen buffers, availa 4 trace minerals and b-complex vitamins to help reduce the stress on incoming cattle
  • Complete feed. high fiber ration that can be fed free-choice without problems of over-eating
  • This is the most economical, most labor saving and only practical way to provide medication to cattle without putting them under additional stress while doctoring
  • No mixing or other processing costs
  • Improves feed efficiency and increase weight gains of cattle in the presence of coccidiosis

Cattle fed high potency receiving ration:

  1. go on full feed faster
  2. have better average daily gains
  3. gain more weight
  4. start eating sooner and eat more
  5. give you better feed conversion
  6. consume feed more uniformly
  7. have better health and lower mortality


  • 12% protein, all purpose livestock feed
  • Replaces or stretches grain
  • Balance calcium and phosphorus levels
  • High vitamin fortification
  • Brood cows, growing steers and heifers
  • Self-feed as pasture supplement
  • Replacement and dry dairy cattle
  • Goats
  • Horses

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